Important Dates

The timeline for the shared task is as follows (all dates are GMT-12):

Development phase

  • 9th of February 2018: Publication of sample data set
  • 15th of March: Publication of training data, development data, and evaluation script
  • 1st of June: Codalab competition website goes online (latest)

Evaluation phase

  • 2nd of July 2018: Evaluation period/phase begins (test data released)
  • 9th of July 2018: Evaluation period/phase ends
  • 16th of July 2018: Announcement of final results
  • 6th of August 2018: Submission of system description papers for review
  • 17th of August 2018: Reviews due (teams review each others submissions)
  • 31st of August 2018: Camera Ready Deadline of System Description: (same deadline as WASSA main workshop papers)
  • 31st of October 2018 or 1st of November 2018: Workshop in Brussels at EMNLP 2018